Polizzi is the place to enjoy many religious celebrations and festivals.
Worthy mentioning is the feast of the Holy Crucifix, (SS.Crocefisso), in May, with its traditional “Cugghiuta di la Cira”, when  members of the religious society, accompanied by the band, collect votive wax candles through the streets of town.
During the summer, the inhabitants celebrate also the “Sagra delle nocciole”, a very famous hazelnut festival, organized by the local  Pro-Loco Association. This popular celebration attracts people from all over the island. In September, the whole town honors San Gandolfo, its patron saint, a Franciscan priest, who came to Polizzi, in 1260, to serve the spiritual needs of the people. Many popular tales, collected by the historian, Pitre’, have been republished  by the Naftolia Cultural Association in a book entitled “Novelle polizzane”.


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