Many people in history, religion, politics and  public life trace their roots
to Polizzi Generosa:
Giuseppe D’Alessi,  a hero of national and international renown. He is known
as the “Sicilian Masaniello” who organized a rebellion against the Spanish
domination in1647.
Giovan Battista Caruso, historian.  He wrote a monumental book on Sicilian
Cardinal Mariano Rampolla del Tindaro, Secretary of State of Pope Leo XIII.
He never became the next pope because of a veto by Austria who condemned his
pro-French politics. 
Domenico Pagano, sculptor. He was an apprentice of the famous artist,
Gandolfo Dominici, Economist.
Monsignor Mariano Rampolla who wrote the first Sanskrit grammar, and who
discovered and guided the literaray genius of Quasimodo.
Father Gandolfo Iraggi, religious poet.
Giuseppe Antonio Borgese, literary critic, writer, lecturer to whom the City
Council dedicated a Symposium and the publication of its proceedings to
celebrate the centenary of his birth.
Nina Sardo Spagnuolo, archeologist and author.
Domenico Dolce, stylist. He is  well-known for his clothing designs which
sell under the label of Dolce & Gabbana.
Francesca da Carpinello, painter. She received the first “Silver Commenda,”
an award  given by the City Council to the town’s most distinguished
Martin Scorsese, Director. A very well-known American film director who
traces his origins to Polizzi Generosa.
Vincent Schiavelli, Actor. He has acted in many popular character  movies. He
is also an accomplished cook who has written a book Bruculinu, America... a collection of personal stories and recipes handed down to him from his
grandfather, Papa’ Andrea, who was polizzano.


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