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21 - Abies Nebrodensis

22 - Carduncellus pinnatus

23 - Arrigogolo

24 - Lino

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25 - Endemic plants

26 - Polizzi's maretta

27 - Ophris apifera Hudson 

28 - Quacella 

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Park map

Polizzi Generosa rises on a hill which stands 713 meters above sea level.
From  the top, you can admire and  enjoy a very wide and picturesque landscape.  The area around Polizzi is well-known for growing hazelnuts and  for other agricultural specialties, such as tender French beans, unique regional mushrooms, tasty asparagus and tiny sweet strawberies.
On the Madonie Mountains that surround Polizzi, you can admire a real
botanical rarity, the white fir (abies nebrodensis) which disappeared from all other parts of Italy during the ice age. The area can be described as containing a real treasure: a botanical paradise which has survived from ages past. On the slopes and plains of these mountains, you will find many plants that do not grow elsewhere, and you can admire the finest orchids in all the Mediterannean area. 
The best time to visit  this area is during the months of April and May.


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